How To Play

1. Register

Click on Register in the top right, then fill out the registration form. If someone recruited you to the game, enter their Snag'Em ID to score them some points!

2. Add Tags

Head to the Tags page and give yourself some tags! Tags describe you and allow others to connect with you over those attributes. Are you a freshman, do you love sports? Let us know! You must have at least 5 tags before you can start a mission.

3. Get Missions

Visit the Missions page to see what missions are available. At first, you have 4 missions to choose from; complete a lot of missions to level up and unlock more!

4. Snag Someone

Start talking to people! Ask questions, initiate conversations, do a little investigation and light stalking until you find someone to satisfy a mission. Enter their four digit SnagID on the Missions page to complete the missions and gain points!

5. Work Together

When you join Snag'em, you'll be added to one of three teams: Ninjas, Pirates, and Zombies. These teams are competing to build the best fortress. Every point earned by team members increases the size of your fortress, and your team can score awesome additions to your fortress by completing Team Achievement missions. Visit the Team Achievements page to see how your team is doing!

6. Expand Your Network

Keep it up! Meet new people! Get extra points for recruiting new players. See if you can make it to the top of the leaderboard. Most importantly, make valuable connections with the many people you meet playing Snag'em; you never know when a contact will come in handy!


Q: I found a bug/way to cheat/security issue/loophole/etc in your game how do I contact you to tell you about it?

A: You can report any of these issues you find by submitting them on this form HERE

Q: I have an idea or suggestions to improve your game, how can I contact you to tell you about?

A: You can submit feature requests or other suggestions for improvement by reporting them on the same form HERE

Q: I have a question or concern that is not about feature requests or bugs I've found, how do I contact you?

A: If you have a question about anything other than bugs or feature requests/suggestions you can email us at

Q: How do you win the game?

A: The point of the game is social interaction, and there is not necessarily a set way to win within the game. Realistically, the game stops being playable when you have snagged every person playing, though that is not what the developers wish to happen. The person with the most points at an arbitrary ending period is considered winner. However, due to the nature of the game there is many different ways one can interpret "win" for this particular game.

Q: What is the whole objective of the game?

A: Snag'em is a serious game designed to incorporate social networking into an easy to use platform. The developers intend for the game to continue growing so an end is never reached. The game is designed so the reward is not achieved through ending the game, but through the journey of ubiquitous play. The optimal strategy (optimal in this case referring to getting the most out of playing, not getting first place) is to interact with as many of your classmates as possible.