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NC State University

Department of Computer Science

890 Oval Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606-8206

Snag'em: Social Networking and Games

Welcome to Snag'em: a web-based experiment that examines the effects of social networking games on interaction within a specific population.

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We really appreciate how excited people are about our game (and we hope to change your minds if you are not yet convinced of our games greatness). With a few rules and guidelines in place, we hope to provide you with a fun and profitable social networking experience.

Please remember that this game is special. What makes it special is that its a game that takes place in a non game environment. There will be people at this conference that are really busy and using more traditional networking methods. There will be times and places where you are busy as well. Please be respectful of the amazing work that everyone is doing at this conference. Don't snag in sessions while people are making presentations. Don't be rude when approaching others. Don't treat people like they are "just a Snag'em ID number". That doesn't feel good for anyone involved. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't snag busy or serious people, but you may have to approach people with more professional tactics. Consider it stealthy snagging. While you're networking, you"ll notice that those types of people may not be signed up for the game but are very valuable to your network. Try to think of ways of approaching serious persons. Have someone introduce you, pull out your business cards, ask them about their research. This game should make social networking easier for you, but it should also serve a practice for more serious social interactions. Just always remember to both have fun AND make it count. Everyone at this conference is worth more than points.

Keep in mind that we are also doing a research study. If you have a few extra minutes please do our Snag'em pre-test. It really helps us continue our research. You don't have to play to do the survey. In fact, it really helps if non-players do the surveys as well. Thanks for being a good samaritan.

Direct identifiers (name, email, etc.) will be collected as part of game play to be presented on the leader board but this information is used for strictly game play purposes and during data analysis identifiers will not be associated with survey responses. During game play, however, these direct identifiers will be associated with you and your network. You can choose during registration if you want to share email address or contact information, but your name absolutely will be displayed on the leaderboard and network visualizations. Please be assured though that we wont use your name anywhere else outside of this event without your expressed consent.

Lastly, we're always discovering new and inventive ways for people to break, hack, and exploit our system. We've been working on this game for a few years now so we think we have most of our bases covered. The game is pretty locked down. To be on the safe side, please don't use your same password that you use on your bank account and other important things to play this game. We believe this to be common sense to not play a game with top-secret passwords, but just in case: DON'T DO IT. We make games, so our game isn't Fort Knox level secure. We will do our best to guard your information, to the best of our ability.

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